Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Encaustic Painting Artists On Your Own | encaustic painting artists

Gallery 24’s display of Beth Sievers’ encaustic art at Forager Brewing Co. closes Friday. The art is fabricated with bistered hot bees wax on canvas, reclaimed wood, and added begin surfaces. The wax is activated while hot and malleable. It hardens back cooled but then, as it cures, can bear and accumulate its arrangement at […]

Learn The Truth About Encaustic Wax Painting Technique In The Next 30 Seconds | encaustic wax painting technique

This column was contributed by a association member. Encaustic Painting will be captivated on February 25th, 2012, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Encaustic, or wax painting, is a address that dates aback to age-old Greece and Egypt, area it was acclimated to adorn naturalistic portraits and tomb paintings. The action involves alive with aqueous […]